Brockport: Unpredictable Winter Months

By Alexis Bott: Along with sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice, winter also brings hazardous driving conditions. Despite the dangerous driving conditions this winter, some students say the attendance policy at the school are borderline extreme. These past few months have been tough for students at The College at Brockport. Major unpredictable weather events made going... Continue Reading →

Brockport Cats Claw Their Way to The Prize 

By Lexi Cutmore and Alaina Jonathan: Cat lovers from all over the United States gathered at the Brockport-Sweden Community Center to show their beloved furry felines. The 67th annual cat show was hosted by the ACFA or the American Cat Fanciers Association. There, household cats, purebreds and kittens competed for regional and national titles. The weekend... Continue Reading →

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