Brockport job fair connects students

By: Micalah Hutchings

The annual job fair at The College at Brockport was held on March 1st in the Campus SERC. The event lasted for four hours. The fair is made for students to come and mingle while making connections with future employers.

The fair has many different types of organizations that come. Organizations range from the Armed Forces, to Hospitality, and everything in between. These organizations come to give students an opportunity to find an internship or job for the future.

The job fair is convenient for students living on campus that do not have access to transportation to leave campus. Students are also able to get professional head shots done and can ask for help to set up LinkedIn accounts. Senior Beth Marcelle attended the job fair.

“I went to utilize the photo station to have a professional photo taken for my LinkedIn profile,” Marcelle said.

This booth is to give students an opportunity to get a free professional picture taken. There is also an app that students were encouraged to download to make it easier to find which booths and what companies they wanted to talk to.

“I downloaded the app that was advised on Brockport social media to help me find the booths I needed to go to easier,” Marcelle said. “I applied to the companies that appealed to me the most ahead of time so I would seem more interested while talking to recruiters. This helped bring natural and good conversation.”

This job fair is a great opportunity for students to go out and meet people and get connected. Networking is very important in this digital age. It is all about who you know; this job fair was an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and put themselves out there.

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