New Dorms and Remodeling Plans Announced for Brockport


Photo from The College at Brockport web page.

The College at Brockport is making a lot of changes lately. With the North Campus Revitalization Project, more construction is set to appear on the campus.

Recently, The College at Brockport revealed that they will be building a brand new residence hall. This news came after it was reported that Mortimer Hall is infested with asbestos.

“The construction of this new residence hall at SUNY College at Brockport is another example of this administration’s commitment to investing in modernizing and updating our colleges and universities across New York,” said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in a statement. “Keeping our university campuses competitive and up-to-date is vital to ensuring we attract the best and brightest to lead New York into the future.”

The new dorm project, which is financed through and is being built by the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York’s SUNY Dormitory Facilities Program, will start construction in late May and is set to finish during the summer of 2018.

An Orleans Hub article stated the following: “The residence hall will be constructed using an innovative panelized construction system that allows wall components of the four-story building to be built in an off-site factory at the same time site work and foundations are being prepared. The building will be steel construction with concrete floors. It will have fire-safety features, including full sprinkler and fire alarms systems, as well as state-of-the-art security systems and card access throughout. SUNY College at Brockport building new $21 million residence hall”.

The new dorm is set to have 256 beds and two students per room and a private bathroom in each room. Students at Brockport are currently paying approximately $3,900 each academic year for room and board. Each year the price increases. By the time this new dorm is built, the price is will be higher.

The new dorm will house sophomores and juniors and has yet to be named. It will stand on the field where the rugby team used to practice. Don’t worry, rugby will be given a new and improved place for their practice and games.

Brockport students shared how they reacted to the news of the new dormitory.

Brockport junior Tianna Leggette doesn’t understand why the school is spending $21 million on a new dorm when other construction projects currently happening on campus are not completed.

“The walkway from the middle quads to the other end of campus is barely finished,” Leggette said. “Let’s not talk about the major inconvenience it has caused students when getting to class and they’re already on the next plan for construction.”

Leggette believes the money could be used for other things that does not involve the campus looking pretty.

“Let’s spend some money to fix the infested dorms and the dorms with barely any heat during the winter season,” Leggette said. “Let’s spend some money on improving what’s wrong with other things we already have on campus.”

However, the new dorm will be an improvement on a lot of the things that students are currently complaining about with the current dorms, such as heat and air conditioning.

Brockport junior Dymani Poyser said he doesn’t really care for it.

“It’s just more things that I am not going to get the chance to experience,” Poyser said.

Middle quad dorms like Dobson, Benedict, Harmon and Gordon hall, which has been around for decades, will also be renovated. But everything will be done one at a time.

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