Scholar’s Day Showcases Brockport’s Students

By: Alyssa Gray

The College at Brockport is filled with thousands of intelligent and unique students. The annual “Scholar’s Day” celebrates the scholarship and creative doings of undergraduate and graduate students.

Presentations touch upon every course of study offered at Brockport. From science to dance and English to math, the day is devoted to not only teach others but to invite as well.

A session in the Communication Department focused on a touching subject titled “Heartbreak, Courage & Resiliency: Personal Experience Features.” Professor Mary McCrank, the chair of the session, had students in her feature writing course give a presentation on stories they wrote based on hardships they’ve faced in life.

Pic 1
From left to right: Marc Hefferan, Mackenzie Felicia, Olivia Landry, Breonnah Colon, Mary McCrank, Brianna Milon, Siomara Germain. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Gray

Students presenting were Marc Hefferan, Makenzie Felicia, Olivia Landry, Breonnah Colon, Brianna Milon and Siomara Germain.

“They make it a privilege and pleasure to teach at the college,” McCrank said.

Makenzie Felicia, one of the presenters, opened up to the audience about an event that recently affected her life.

“You never know when the last time you say goodbye to someone is the last time,” Felicia said.

The recent passing of her mother has been the cause of Felicia’s sorrow. Less than a year ago her mother passed away suddenly due to liver complications soon after affecting her brain.

Felicia struggled with holding back her tears when talking about her mom.

“I would say the worst part was leaving her. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to bring her home,” Felicia said.

scholar's day 2
Mackenzie Felicia and her mother, Tamara. Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Felicia

Others after discussed their hardships they’ve gone through as well: murder, not having a home, being raised without a father and losing many loved ones.

It was an emotional hour for most, but an eye opening presentation for all.

“It’s so refreshing and unorthodox unlike normal Scholar’s Day presentations – and I mean that in a good way,” Brockport senior, Jaymi Gooden said.

All students rose above and beyond their comfort zone through these stories. The audience left looking differently at each presenter than when they had arrived.

Pic 3
Photo courtesy of Melissa Klehr

McCrank was beyond proud of her students.

“It’s amazing how strong you all are and it gives others strength around you,” said McCrank.

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