Student Thoughts on Eagle Day and Kesha

By Jordan Soldaczewski

As my first Eagle Day I thought it was a good idea to get everyone together and enjoy the weather in the spring. The food was really good especially the Dippin’ Dots, you can’t go wrong with them. -Casandra Battisti

I love Kesha and I think she put out a good message. It took a little long for her to come out and I wouldn’t recommend the opening band… it was very different. But overall my inner 14-year-old self was screaming. Micalah Hutchings

Eagle Day was an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. They say that after you die there’s 8 seconds where you see the most potent and important memories from your life and I’m confident to say that each of those 8 seconds will be me eating mac and cheese at Eagle Day. My one complaint is that the t-shirts say Brockport Student Government on them. I know that BSG funded the shirts but that doesn’t give them the right to write their name on them… it’s ridiculous. -Benji Hoy

I’m not a Kesha fan so I can’t really say but she showed up so that’s at least better than last year. -Breonnah Colon

It was my first time trying fried dough and it was a very good experience, I’m looking for places around here that have it. -Siomara Germain

I thought Kesha was really good I especially liked the confetti she had burst out. -Charlotte Luft

Eagle Day was anticlimactic in the parking lot, it didn’t have a fair or a festive kind of feel. -Nicolas Newcomb

Eagle Day was a really enjoyable time, as a senior I thought it was really good, not too hot or too cold. They had a diverse amount of activities and food. I’ve always enjoyed Eagle Day but the weather made this one really good. I think the location was better this year too. -Justin Sullivan

Eagle Day, I got Macarollin’ and I also got food poisoning. -Alyssa Gray

I think Kesha was a good choice, I was a little skeptical at first seeing that she hasn’t been able to do anything in a long time but I was surprised how well she performed. Her band did incredible,  I have a crush on the guitarist with the mustache and the cowboy hat. The opener was really good too. I thought eagle day was fun and the new location was a convenient for both on and off-campus people. The food and activities were really good too! -Brian Elliott

This year I attended Eagle Day presented by BSG, and I really enjoyed it a lot. I think they did a really good job with all the activities and different things that were there. I bet it will be just as great or even greater next year! -Micaela Coltellaro

I think Eagle Day was a lot of fun, it was very well organized, they had a lot of great food trucks and lots to do and the location was a lot better than last year so hats off to BSG! -Kayla Green

I thought Eagle Day was spectacular I thought the new location was a lot more inclusive and easily accessible. -Abigail Fridmann

I think Kesha was a good choice, she was really entertaining. I had a lot of fun because it doesn’t really matter who they choose it’s always going to be a good time. Eagle Day was good but it gets old after awhile like there’s only so much you can do. I was skeptical of the new location but I think it was better to be in a bigger space and it was a good choice. -Julie Miller

I didn’t like the time of eagle day because a lot of people including myself couldn’t attend. I think it should be longer so that lines aren’t as long and people can go when they want to. I think that Kesha was a lot of fun and she had good messages to share with the students. -Harriet Thomas

Both Eagle Day and Kesha were really fun but I thought the venue of Eagle Day was weird to have it in a car park but it worked well and I liked that everything was free. I didn’t like that the opener was so long and you could barely hear her speaking, it wasn’t the type of music to get you pumped for Kesha. I ended up leaving early because I was standing for so long and I got bored. -Katie Watts

It was fun and well prepared and the food was nice. It was a bit long to wait for Kesha and after all the waiting and there wasn’t even a way to leave and re-enter the building. She was really nice and gave a lot of energy. -Ylies Chahi

I thought Eagle Day was really fun I really enjoyed every aspect of it but I preferred it in Lot X because there was more activities and games. It was a cool transition and cool to see the new location but there wasn’t as much space for lawn games. I loved the blow-up obstacles and the food of course and I would definitely go again. It being in Lot T didn’t spoil my experience. -Jordan West

Eagle Day was okay, I liked it better than being in X lot because that ones so far away. I liked that the Dippin’ Dots line went really fast and they had a lot of shirts so I’m glad I got one and in my size. -Devon Greig

Eagle Day was actually pretty cool, they had a lot I could eat. There wasn’t anyone being overly loud or obnoxious and I thought it was really cool how a bunch of people were performing. -Catherine Palm

Kesha was so-so, she was kind of unprofessional. I didn’t stay for the whole thing because I got bored. -April Vimmerstedt

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