Taste of Soul brings southern charm to Brockport

By Adam Simmons

taste of soul
Taste Of Soul can be found on Main Street in Brockport.

The Village of Brockport introduced a new restaurant on Dec. 6, 2017, called Taste of Soul. Taste of Soul is a small but family-oriented restaurant specializing in southern fried chicken, buffalo wings, ribs, fish and other popular southern dishes. Timothy Lee, owner of the new establishment, has always carried a love for cooking and is finally pursuing his passion at 77 Main St. in Brockport.

 We had the pleasure of speaking to general manager, Keri Frank, who had only optimistic things to say about this new business.  

“Timothy Lee, our owner, grew up in Alabama and always had the goal of opening a restaurant,” Frank said. “ Eventually he moved to the Brockport area to be closer with his family.  Driving down Main Street one day he saw the location for sale and put it all into action.”

Many businesses in Brockport thrive thanks in part to being so close to The College at Brockport community when classes are in session.

“A huge reason as to why many students love Taste of Soul is because of our vegan menu,” Keri Frank said. “When many think of a restaurant specializing in southern fried chicken and other foods of that nature, they don’t expect a vegan menu which has gravitated many.”

Since its opening, the restaurant has experienced a constant flow of customers. The Daley family had nothing but positive things to say after enjoying dinner at Taste of Soul. 

“The service here is phenomenal,” Michael Daley said. “Not nearly enough places surrounding the area have southern fried chicken, especially this good. We like how family friendly the place is.”

“Every time we walk through the doors we’re immediately greeted with a hello from an employee,” Erin Daley said.  

Taste of Soul is slowly but surely leaving its mark on Main Street and the village as a whole. As it works to become an established business in the village, the potential for it to become a staple of the community seems infinite.

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