Stay on the Beat -Episode 1

Transcribed by Erika Curtis

For the first ever installment of the Brockport Beat’s podcast, Stay On The Beat, podcasters Corey Rozwadowski, Panos Argitis and Stephanie Ballard began by covering the kick off of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Discussing the Opening Ceremony that took place on Wednesday, February 8, 2018 as well as the new events that were added to the already diverse set of games, Argitis said, “I think it’s a very exciting time for the Winter Olympics.” The trio mentioned the huge game budget of over $12 billion and the problems involving South Korea losing a few million dollars in the process, but soon continued on to their favorite games and athletes. Rozwadowski’s love of snowboarding and Shawn White’s impressive career tumbled into the next conversation they had regarding why, in Rozwadowski’s opinion, the Olympics games were so much bigger in Europe versus America. The trio finished off their Olympics discussion by mentioning the Russia scandal involving mass- doping by athletes and the results of them being banned as a country from participating in the games, thus making Russian athletes compete independently.

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video that, according to Rozwadowski “broke the internet”, was the next topic. Rozwadowski mentions that while he is “not one for all that ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’…”, he did find the video kind of interesting. Argitis on the other hand was just shocked that Jenner’s closest friends and family knew for the last 9 months and didn’t say anything. After commenting on the unique names of all the Kardashian family’s children, Ballard concluded the discussion by adding in news regarding Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga, whom she “dated for years” prior to baby-daddy and current beau Travis Scott. Tyga had reportedly had asked for a DNA test because he thinks Jenner’s daughter is his, and Argitis made a comment about him just wanting in on the Kardashian drama.

Argitis then lead into the next topic of Brockport Men’s Basketball by saying he thought they were “really hot this season” and discussing the exciting games they had coming up against SUNY Oneonta and SUNY New Paltz that weekend. While Brockport is currently 10 and 4 in the conference, Argitis thought that they had to play their best game and finish strong to get into the first round of the SUNYAC tournament that kicks off on February 20. Rozwadowski finished up by commenting on their need to play a better defense before adding in a Segway into NBA news.

Focusing in on the trade that occurred last week, Rozwadowski began by calling it “one of the craziest trade deadline days [in] history.” Twelve trades in total between NBA teams sent Isaiah Thomas to the Los Angeles Lakers and left the Cleveland Cavaliers with many new and younger players. In Rozwadowski’s potentially unpopular opinion, Cleveland “set themselves up for the future” by getting younger players, however Argitis thinks that they will still have a problem defensively.

Rozwadowski made one last jump to NFL news regarding Josh McDaniel’s decision to stay with the New England Patriots instead of taking the job as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Both Argitis and Rozwadowski took note of the difficulty McDaniel’s will have in potentially filling current Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s successful shoes as well as the potential consequences of angry Pats fans if he is unsuccessful.

The trio signed off their first podcast at around 20 minutes and concluded by inviting their audience to tune in to Stay On The Beat with its next issue in two weeks.

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