Stay on the Beat -Episode 2

Transcribed by Erika Curtis

For the second installment of the Brockport Beat’s Podcast, Stay (Run?) on the Beat, podcasters Corey Rozwadowski, Panos Argitis and Stephanie Ballard once again began with discussing the 2018 Winter Olympics. Cory started the conversation by explaining that Norway was leading all countries in medals with a grand total of 37 so far. The US in comparison is ranked 4th with 21 total medals, 8 of which are gold. Also noted was that the US men’s curling team was going for placement for the first time ever.

“I could see myself doing [curling], it doesn’t seem that hard,” said Argitis in response to the news of the curling team. “It looks like going out into the backyard to play bocce ball,” said Rozwadowski in agreement. He did go on to say however, that it had to have taken some kind of athleticism, because an Olympic Athlete from Russia was recently stripped of his bronze curling medal for testing positive for PEDs which is a synthetic steroid. The team noted that Switzerland came out with bronze for curling in the end.

They spent some deliberation on whether or not the Russian athletes would be permitted at the next Winter Olympics at all due to the extreme amount of criticism for illegal doping. It is for that reason exactly that Russian Athletes cannot compete under the Russian flag, something the team touched upon last episode. The widespread Russian doping prohibited the country itself from competing, forcing individual athletes who passed rigorous doping tests to compete under the OAR instead, however some have seemed to have slipped through the cracks as noted by the podcasters.

They signed off the first topic by informing the audience that this weekend would be the last for the winter Olympics before going into a discussion on Brockport Men’s Basketball. The semi-final match-ups for the SUNYAC tournament. Tip-off for the Brockport v. Oneonta game will go down tonight at 5:30 and it will be a good one as Brockport has lost one and won one to Oneonta this year.

“They’ve come to the semis for 4 consecutive years now and from what their form shows, I think they’ll get over Oneonta tonight,” said Argitis who talked to the assistant coach earlier in the week to get an idea of how Brockport would pull through to the finals. Argitis believes that they have a good run at making it to SUNYAC finals and explains why with a brief backstory of the last two Oneonta v. Brockport games earlier in the season.

Rozwadowski and Argitis both believe that SUNY Plattsburg will be the SUNYAC favorite with a home-field advantage and a 17 game winning streak. They ended the conversation by noting how well the football team did earlier in the year and hoping that the basketball team would do equally as well.

By relating the SUNYAC games to the recent NBA All-star game, Rozwadowski was able to Segway into a conversation about Fergie managing to upstage the All-star crew with a rendition of the National Anthem that left the country talking on twitter for a week now. Panos doesn’t recommend listening to it if you haven’t already and proceeded to note the players expressions of holding back laughter while the Anthem was being sung.

“She was trying to make the National Anthem sexy. It is not supposed to be sexy,” commented Rozwadowski, following it up by noting that her rendition was “too extra” and had no reason to spice it up. Ballard chimed in to tell the audience of Fergie’s ex-husband who went on the Ellen DeGeneres show to defend her. Both the boys agreed that she was talented but that the spiced up anthem was unnecessary. They ended the conversation with some highlights of the All-star game.

They discussed next the Black Panther movie that Rozwadowski mentioned had taken the world by storm recently. In its opening week it made $242 million, already more than its budget and $80 million more than another Marvel movie, Civil War, made in its opening weekend. Overseas, the movie has already made over $2 million.

While Argitits and Rozwadowski have not seen it yet, they both plan on seeing it soon and have heard nothing but good things. Ballard commanded most of this conversation as the only team member to have seen it so far and she had nothing but great things to say. She said it was very intriguing and educational and that she loved seeing all of the women working together to get some great girl-power.

To end the 2nd episode, the team did a quick overview of campus events in the coming weeks. The career fair will take place next week on March 7 from 12-4pm at the SERC and is open to any and everybody, from any major or year who is looking for a job or internship. More than 40 vendors will be there and it is a great way to network. The graduate school fair will also take place next week on March 6 from 6-8 pm in Cooper Hall. The first ever Brockport Beat Speed Dating event will take place on February 28 in the Union Lounge from 6-8pm as well.

Argitis, Ballard and Rozwadowski signed off their second ever episode of Brockport Beat’s ‘Stay on the Beat’ by inviting their audience to  tune in a couple weeks for episode three.

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