JRB Alum Amanda Berg’s Road to Success Leads to TV

By Lauryn Jodush

Brockport Beat Twitter Manager

The road to success is not easily achieved but Amanda Berg has gone down this road and has achieved excellence through hard work and dedication. From graduating SUNY Brockport to obtaining a job at Spectrum News Amanda Berg has accomplished a lot and has always stayed true to herself. Berg recognizes her hard work to achieve this where others around her recognize her greatness as a hard working individual.

Amanda Berg graduated SUNY Brockport in May 2019. Berg was very involved on campus during her stay. SUNY Brockport offers many clubs that Berg took full advantage of including the campus radio station, The Point.

“I transferred into Brockport in Sept. 2017 and got very involved with the campus radio station, 89.1 the Point doing news reporting” Berg said.

Her hard work with the college’s radio station led her into some internships which eventually led her to her job at spectrum.

“Brockport helped me get a lot of opportunities, like a part time reporting job for WCJW in Warsaw,I also interned at Spectrum in Rochester, which really taught me about TV producing” Berg stated.

One Brockport professor in particular had a lot to say about Amanda. Journalism and Broadcasting profesor, Mary McCrank, taught Berg when she was a student at SUNY Brockport.

“She was in my Fundamentals of Media class. She was an excellent student and helped carry the leadership role with her group. She always turned everything in on time and liked to participate in class. I really loved having her as my student” McCrank said.

Berg has always had a special interest in the news. Even since being a young college student she had a special passion for working in the news industry.

McCrank talked about Berg’s love for the news and how hard of a worker she really was.

“ Also, Amanda had a nose for news—still does! She stood out to me because she showed the passion for our field. I remember she went for some jobs in D.C. with NPR” said McCrank.

Berg now works for Spectrum News in Buffalo and loves her job. Since the pandemic there has been many changes to her work. She has even been quarantined due to having COVID-19 symptoms.

“I’ve been in isolation the past few weeks because I have a lot of symptoms, but I’ll be producing from home starting this upcoming week because I’ve almost recovered” shared Berg.

Berg has also shared about how COVID-19 is having an effect on the material she covers.

“Before COVID-19, TV news was about information, but also there is an emphasis on your show looking clean and crisp, Now, all of that is out the window now we are relying more on a pre-recorded method instead of live TV” Berg said.

Berg has also shared about how the pandemic is affecting her work hours.

“Here’s what it’s like producing for Spectrum. I currently work an overnight shift from midnight to 8 a.m, Monday through Friday” Berg stated.

It is uncommon to have the weekends off in the news but since the pandemic has happened that is not the case.

“It’s not common to have weekends off in the news. When there isn’t a global pandemic going on—I generally get in, decide what stories and information I want to put in my show” Berg said.

Although there have many many changes due to the pandemic, Berg still gives it her all and continues down the road of success. Berg has truly made a name for herself through her hard work and dedication. She followed her dream and continues to do what she loves.

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