Making a community through “creating”

By Shelby Toth: It was 3 a.m. when Vincent Croce decided to plan, market and coordinate an event that aimed to bring together different Rochester-based creatives on a large scale. He instantly began working on a flyer. He finished it in an hour and fell asleep right after. Croce, a computer science major at The... Continue Reading →

The Politics of Trees

By Aaron Snyder: Being a Mayor of a village is no small feat, especially for someone who never planned on running for public office. Who knew that caring for the environment and caring for trees could lead to a life in politics? Mayor Margaret Blackman never did, and she currently is in her second term... Continue Reading →

Professor by Day, Station Producer by Night

By Alexander Ulatowski: Throughout Monroe County people quietly live their lives making an impact on their communities each day. They are teachers who help guide students with their studies, mothers who help watch and take care of children, and journalists who share stories with the world. Each of these titles help define Kimberly Young, Ph.D.,... Continue Reading →

Road to Stardom

By Zach Wagner: Poised, humble, and hungry, Marko Hernandez, professionally known as Papi Flaco, stays true to himself as he chases his dream of becoming a hip hop star. Hernandez knew early music was his passion. “Since I was a kid, I’ve been around music. My dad’s always played music. He was break dancing... Continue Reading →

Showing Students She Cares: Jennifer Ramsay

By Jared Rosenberg, Nicholas Kobel and Patrick Maheen: Her students describe her as ambitious. “I wanted to be an astronaut,” was the first thing Ramsay said when Brockport Beat asked her to describe herself. Ramsay’s desk is covered in papers. Her drawers overflow with manila folders, knickknacks crowd her shelves. One in particular, a Jewish... Continue Reading →

The Legacy of Student Athletes

By Jared Rosenberg, Nick Kobel, Derick Abbey and Pat Meehan: College athletes do not always go on to become professional players. That doesn’t mean their passion fades away after graduation. For Jason Mangone, Mark Sanchez and Nick Pontari coaching was the next logical step in fulfilling their dreams of success and satisfying that passion after... Continue Reading →

Last Gasp to Freedom

By Derick Abbey: After a seemingly never-ending Western New York winter, students on the campus of the College at Brockport are starting to stir. As the weeks progress a large part of the campus is growing restless. However, it is not the freshmen clawing their way to their first college summer. It is the senior... Continue Reading →

A Blessing in Disguise

By Alexis Bott: At 19-years-old, life changed overnight for Kassy Rust. Leaving behind the familiar and adjusting to a new way of living, she began a new chapter as a mother. Her son’s father was emotionally and verbally abusive. He started going out late at night and lying about where he was. Without answering the... Continue Reading →

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