Letter from the Editor, Nick Newcomb

Marsha Ducey’s CMC 321 Advanced Writing and Reporting class takes on mock-newsroom project called the Brockport Beat. 

Welcome to the Brockport Beat.

Jobs, internships and shadowing are hard to weave into the normal curriculum and daily lives of some students. Other part-time jobs, family issues, lack of transportation and the normal rigors of higher education create a situation in which students are unable to receive real-world training and experience in their respective fields; in our case, journalism.

Enter Professor Marsha Ducey.  

Ducey devised a way in which she could utilize her class time for CMC 321 (Advanced Reporting and Writing) to more effectively serve students and provide as much real-world experience as possible by creating the class and its students into a mock-newsroom complete with an editor-in-chief, editorial board, promotions team and writers.

Ducey has entrusted me to use my experience as a former editor on The Stylus, the college’s student-newspaper, and current sports outfielder at the Democrat and Chronicle, a Rochester-area newspaper, to help lead my fellow classmates to create this online news publication for students, staff and alumni.

I won’t be alone in this endeavor; second in command is John Nixon, who is the current promotions director at Talon Television and wants to start his own news multimedia platform one day.  

We will introduce the rest of our team members throughout the semester as they publish and share their work.

What makes us different from any other on-campus media organizations like The Stylus, The Point and Talon Television?

We intend to take a more multimedia approach to our stories to better serve our readers across multiple platforms and utilize the feedback we receive from our fellow students, faculty and alumni to help better cover the issues that most concern you.

Our first round of stories will be live on brockportbeat.com Tuesday, Feb. 14, also known to most as Valentine’s Day.

We hope you’ll support us in our efforts to better the quality of our journalistic talents throughout the process.

Happy reading!

Nicholas Newcomb


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