Understanding club budgets

Paid for by your student services fee By: Vanessa Ryland-Buntley On any given day a student can walk through the Seymour College Union at The College at Brockport and see multiple tables offering various forms of information on different clubs - and possibly something to hand out. Periodically throughout the year there are signs for... Continue Reading →

“Be the Revolution” educates students

By: Breonnah Colon & Justin Sullivan As March wraps up, The College at Brockport will conclude its month long “Be the Revolution” event series. The series aimed to educate students on the growing leadership gap between men and women in the country and was sponsored by the American Association of University Women. The idea for... Continue Reading →

With college tuition increasing every year and the number of students attending college decreasing each year, San Francisco becomes first city in the United States to offer free college tuition.

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