ECHO giving students a voice … soon

ECHO, Brockport’s version of RIT’s PawPrints will give students a chance to submit their ideas electronically to BSG. Photo:

By: Nicholas Newcomb

In the works, in collaboration with Brockport Student Government, is an online petitioning system, ECHO, which will allow students to submit online petitions which other students can back that get sent to BSG electronically.

Rochester Institute of Technology has pioneered this endeveour locally with its site, PawPrints, named after their school mascot the tigers.

“This service will allow students to hear directly from administration about why some projects on campus may or may not be feasible … everyone can do this straight from their own computers and we would have an immediate poll that can be presented to administration,” said Ashley Carrington, former RIT student government president on the PawPrints site.

ECHO is ideally going to model PawPrints and provide students an easy avenue to voice their concerns and rally other students with similar concerns.

A student could go online and write a petition stating something like, “the sidewalks need to be repaved”. Once the petition was shared and got enough signatures, it would get moved to the student government and student government would take that issue immediately to administration to either get something resolved, or find the exact reason why it can’t be.

“We had met with the IT department here to get this in testing phases in April,” current BSG Chief of Staff Elisha Madison said. “Then we understood they were understaffed and had plenty of projects. Some things changed there on the priority queue and we were pushed back two years.”

BSG is looking into other alternative routes to build the website from a private contractor or build an internship opportunity for Brockport students to take some things RIT has already implemented and make it Brockport-oriented.

Madison is eager to get ECHO on the ground during his time here and impending student government presidency next year.

As for now though, how the website is going to be developed and by who is still up in the air.


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