Tea Anyone?

By Vanessa Ryland-Buntley163891_179265938772332_367385_n

This past Friday, April 14, 2017, was a very important day for the Women’s center at The College at Brockport. It was their 20th anniversary.  For that anniversary they chose to celebrate with a Women’s Tea in the Seymour Union Fireside Lounge.  

Information tables regarding various resources on campus were set up but the main attractions were the food tables lined with finger sandwiches, fruit, and of course tea. At noon there was a formal cake cutting. President Heidi Macpherson was present to enjoy the festivities as well.

The Women’s Center runs programs aimed at raising awareness of the experiences women have. They offer referrals to other sources if they are unable to assist a particular need and they also offer support and advocacy in any way that they can. For more information about the services the Women’s Center provides, follow this link.

One fascinating fact is that they have a library with books covering many subjects pertaining to women and women’s history. At Friday’s tea they collaborated with Brockport’s archivist, Charlie Cowlings, to present some of his findings.

While there were tables featuring many famous Brockport women, what appeared to be the most celebrated was the table featuring Fannie Barrier Williams. There has just been a new picture uncovered of her that was the talk of the event. Fannie Barrier Williams was the first African American woman to graduate from The College at Brockport and is a much respected person of her time.

The Women’s Center is located in the Seymour Union room B124 and is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is open to anyone.

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