Senior Moments: Class of 2018 talks graduation

By Sage Green

There are less than one hundred days left until graduation and the seniors are beginning to feel rather bittersweet about their last days here at The College at Brockport. Soon enough they’ll be taking their senior pictures, waiting in line at the bookstore for their cap and gown and framing that $100,000 piece of paper. As time continues to fly by, they can’t help but wonder how it all went by so fast.

Some seniors, are ready to graduate with no doubt in their mind. If anything the days are going by too slow. Dance major Olivia Cacciatore, is among those college seniors who are looking forward to walking across the stage in May.

“I feel like I was very ready for this moment,” Cacciatore said. “I am ready to graduate. I am ready for what’s ahead. I feel like I’m done with the school environment. I’m ready to go out into the real world, and find something in the corporate setting and just … start my career.”

Other seniors are more apprehensive about graduation. Their concerns are mainly in regard to what happens after college. Graphic design major Jeremy Moss is definitely feeling the pressure about having a job ready for after graduation.

“I, 100 percent, have anxieties about graduation,” Moss said. “My parents want me to have a job right after I graduate, so my main focus right now finding a job in graphic design as soon as I can.”

Some seniors are in complete disbelief that their college career is in its final stretch. Senior, Will Barr, can’t believe that his time at Brockport has almost come to an end.

“It doesn’t feel like there’s less than 75 days left of school, like that’s not a lot of time,” Barr said. “But I have a pretty good plan for after I graduate, and I feel pretty solid in that.”

When it comes to their final days at school, it causes some seniors to take a look back at their entire college career. They realized how much that the college has given to them throughout the years and they want younger students to know what they have available on campus.

“Make sure you use everything that’s offered to you,” history major Will Barr said. “Get involved, and make sure your friendships are genuine. Make sure you do know you want to do. And don’t just do something that’s going to make you a lot of money, like if you’re miserable making money there’s no point in making all that money.”

Many seniors take the time to reflect on their times here at Brockport and pass down what they’ve learned to any underclassmen.

“If you have doubts about joining a club or trying something new, you should just go for it,” Cacciatore said. “You can always back out if it isn’t for you, but you should at least try. Put yourself out there as much as possible. I started out being really shy, and because I got involved I have a lot of friends here on campus that will last a lifetime.”

Seniors are holding on tightly to what’s left of their college experience until they are forced to step out into the adult world. And no matter how the seniors may be feeling as they enter their final days as college undergraduates, whether that be nervousness, excitement or complete dread, the future is inevitable and they have almost survived their four years of undergrad.

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