The go-to late night food spots in Brockport

By Aidan Verbeke

As a follow-up to my last article on where to wet your beak in Brockport, this list will give you some direction on where to go past 2 a.m. to fill that void in your heart. That’s right, I’m talking about drunk food. These establishments are walking distance from the bars and will usually draw crowds outside waiting to get in. Though sometimes regrettable in the morning, your late-night meal can make you forget all your problems during the process. And isn’t that what college is all about?

Taste of Soul:

This one is a bit tricky because their hours are still being ironed out and it can be hit or miss on weekends. However, when it is open late, this comfort food newcomer deserves a spot up there with the legends.

Cons: Like I said above, the hours are not permanent right now so don’t only have your heart set on fried chicken or pork chops.  

Pros: Comfort food at a reasonable price. You won’t even know you’re in the mood for fried chicken or mac & cheese, or even some deviled eggs, until it’s all gone. If greasy is your way to go, Taste of Soul should be your last stop before home.

Perri’s Pizzeria:

Perri’s menu runs deep during the day and can do more than just slices of pizza. But when it comes to late-night, and for the sake of this article, there are only three options that matter: Cheese, Pepperoni or Buffalo Chicken. The line is usually out the door but the huge slices are worth the wait.

Cons: Service can get a little hairy with all the customers jammed in there. Be sure to say your name clearly, listen for it and don’t let anyone steal your identity and in turn, your slice. Also with everyone jockeying for position in line, tempers can flare.

Pros: Pizza is an anytime food, most would agree. Most would also agree that it is close to its best after a night of drinking. The quality of the pizza is great and the quantity is even better. Each slice comes equipped with a nice little sleeve that the ‘za slides right into to save for later. Of course if you simply can’t wait, or don’t trust your inebriated self when it comes to balance, the restaurant stays open until 3 a.m.

Jimmy Z’s:

The ultimate. When the lights go on and you finish your last drink, the next question is you’ll have to ask yourself or your buddies is simple: “Should we get Jimmy Z’s?” If the answer is yes then you have some more questions about the menu that you’ll have to decide for yourself but you cannot go wrong with a garbage plate.

Cons: The first time you walk past Jimmy Z’s you might think it is a nightclub with the line and bouncer at the door. It seems daunting and can sometimes cost you an extra 20 minutes or so, but if you’re loyal you’ll be rewarded.

Pros: A garbage plate is an Upstate New York specialty and Jimmy Z’s boasts a top-notch plate every time. Whether you had a little too much to drink or were the responsible one tasked with getting your friend home safe, a garbage plate will hit the spot. The staff is friendly and the service is first-rate, especially considering the volume they see every weekend.

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