Lagom: A charming touch to downtown Brockport

Perfect, simple, and in balance; all of these are indirect translations of the Swedish word “lagom.” According to Vogue, lagom is an ethos of moderation and that life should be “practical and functional but never overly adorned.”

How can we as Brockport students jump in on the Swedish lifestyle trend of lagom? A good first step is to visit Brockport’s newest boutique, Lagom. “We embrace this style of thinking and bring it to you through handcrafted designs and creations. With a selection created by local artisans across Western New York, you will find the balance we work hard to achieve for both the young and old,” is written on the shop’s website.


“I had a workshop and then I had a little tiny storefront. I was kind of looking for a full-time brick and mortar. And when I was here in Brockport and I saw this place, I was instantly like ‘This might be it!’” said Lagom owner Brooke Albanese.

Walking into the cute vintage-inspired store, you will find products aimed at helping you live an organized life, small accessories that make big statements, all natural beauty products and cozy living décor.

“It [lagom] means not too little, not too much, just right. To me it means living a life of simplicity; nothing beyond our means, just having things that we need and enjoying the things that we have” said Albanese.

From notepads to small houseplants to blanket throws, any customer can find something to fall in love with. And if you’re not convinced to stop in to the new boutique yet, College at Brockport students receive 5 percent off their total purchase.

Lagom is a great new edition that adds a charming touch to downtown Brockport. The shop is having its grand opening celebration April 14.

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