BSG Candidates Announced

by Matt Clark:

After an extended election season, Josh Mathews, Zachary Kornberg and Aaron Snyder are the official BSG presidential candidates. Matthews originally dropped out of the race because his running mate, Alena Piska, had dropped out. After all the other presidential candidates dropped out, BSG created an extended campaign season to find new candidates.  

In order to run for a BSG position, you must petition students and collect a thousand signatures to become a candidate. Because of the special election season, Mathews was allowed to petition students for a second time along with his new running mate, Kate Demskie.

“We are running on the platform of VOICE. In order for us to do our jobs effectively, all of these things have to be present. Stay tuned for updates on the meaning behind the words and our plans for each throughout the week! Remember, voting is April 30 and May 1,” said Mathews and Demskie on their official Twitter page. Accompanied with the tweet was a picture that included the words advocacy, community, pride, accountability and engagement.

Kornberg and his running mate Elliot Zelewski are ROTC cadets campaigning with the slogan “Think Free.” Their platform consists of reducing the cost of college, freeing clubs and Greek life from bureaucracy, promoting the expression of various ideas, involving students in committees that will affect them, and celebrating differences that will create “One Brockport.” Kornberg and Zalewski want to use the experience from their time in the ROTC to promoted leadership and diversity.

Snyder is running with Felicia Minton as his running mate.

One of the former presidential candidates was Tyler Mackey, who dropped out of the race because his running mate dropped out. Mackey petitioned students during the extended season with a new running mate named Lucky Summer Light. Mackey confirmed he would not be running for president as his running mate will not be attending Brockport next semester.

Another former candidate is Jack Merritt, who was also forced to dropped out because his running mate dropped out.

“I was talking with my campaign team and we had decided we were going to take out a petition and see where it went,” Merritt said. “I was campaigning with a potentially new running mate. Both of us kinda sat down and talk about [how] it’s gonna be a tense four weeks and we just decided to go on with our lives. I’m a senator with Brockport student government and I’ve done a lot in my term and in my time that I am very proud of. I wanted to finish out my term on a good note and go from there.”

Voting begins on April 30 and ends May 1. Voting takes place on myBrockport and takes only a few minutes.  

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