Lil Boat docked at Brockport for a fun-filled night

by Christopher Suarez:

On April 19, Brockport Student Government held their annual spring concert in the SERC with featured performer Lil Yachty. He treated attendees to a concert full of fun, excitement and good times.

The “Minnesota” rapper brought water fights, mosh pits and an epic night of music for Brockport students. The concert let students forget about their stressful college lives and have fun. Even students that don’t normally listen to his music joined in on the fun.

“I felt like [Lil Yachty] put on an amazing performance, considering the fact that I personally don’t know a lot of his music,” said freshman Allan Nunez.

Students lined up before the 7:30 p.m. door time. As anticipation mounted, the college prepared for anything to happen.University Police, Brockport Police, college administration and student workers were staffed to maintain security and order throughout the event. Students had to go through a metal detector, bag check, and were patted down to make sure that nobody was going to ruin the night.

The concert opened with DJ Tygga Ty, who spun the latest hits and warmed the crowd up for the main act. DJ Tygga Ty played everything from EDM to hip-hop to make sure the audience was entertained.

The lights  went dark as the DJ worked the crowd into a frenzy. Right as the crowds’ energy reached its peak, Lil Yachty entered the stage. The Atlanta rapper fed off the fervor of the Brockport crowd.

Wearing a New York Giants hoodie, Lil Yachty  led his performance with a spirited rendition of “Ice Tray.” Although the song features Migos, the rapper owned the stage with a solo rendition.

What usually distinguishes Lil Yachty performances from other rappers’ is his interaction with the crowd. All night long the rapper called out for a mosh pit to break out in the crowd. Students responded in step every time the beat dropped.  Students who did not want to be in the mosh pit would move to the sides and the back of the crowd, leaving daredevils to tough it out in the middle of the pit.

The show got wet and wild when Yachty brought several cases of water bottles on stage. At the start of every song, Yachty sprayed the crowd with water. The mayhem escalated when he started passing out water bottles to the crowd, throwing over 30 water bottles into the crowd.  The rapper instructed the crowd to wait until the beat dropped to soak one another with water.

Total pandemonium erupted in the ensuing song. Water went everywhere and students like sophomore Michael Bobadilla, loved every minute of it.

“I was surprised when water was being thrown everywhere but I think it added an interesting aspect to the concert because the crowd reacted the way Yachty wanted them” said Bobadilla.

The emergence of Lil Yachty in 2016 came out of nowhere. From having his hit single “Minnesota” air on Drake’s OVO radio, to performing in arenas worldwide, Lil Yachty’s career just keeps growing.  The College at Brockport was lucky to witness his continuous rise to superstardom.

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