Offset Delivers on his Long-Awaited Personal Solo Debut ‘Father of 4’

offset father of 4
Quality Control Music/Motown Records

By Zach Wagner:

It took a while, but it’s here! Offset finally dropped his highly anticipated solo album Father of 4. After the major success with his group Migos on albums like Culture in 2017 and Culture II in 2018, the record setting firing hip hop group decided they would go solo for a change.

Quavo led the way with his self-titled album Quavo Huncho in October of 2018. Takeoff followed not far behind with The Last Rocket a month later. Offset’s album is the third and final installment into the Migos solo album series, with Offset’s being the most compelling and personal.

Offset started promoting his album in December and was expected to drop before the end of 2018. After a falling out with his superstar wife Cardi B, according to HotNewHipHop, he postponed the release to focus on his marriage.

After an agonizing wait, it finally released on Feb, 22, 2019. The sixteen track record is dedicated to his four children: Jordan, Kaela, Kody and Kulture. The album cover is Egyptian themed with Offset on a throne surrounded by his four kids. This cover is very creative and it helps sets the tone for the album’s concept. With hip-hop and trap rap being seen as a very repetitive genre, this theme is great to see as a fan. Hopefully this will influence other artists to take more risks pushing the culture forward.

The album kicks off with the album’s titled track. Offset dedicated “Father of 4” to his children, discussing his personal connection he has made with each one of them. He discusses his troubled past, explaining to his kids why he may not have always been there. He explains to his kids, he’s here for good and he will never turn his back on them. The opening track sets a good tone for the album, showing the progression Offset has made throughout his career.

The second track titled “How Did I Get Here” features a unexpected verse from rap heavyweight J.Cole. This feature is a staple to Offset’s transition from a club artist to an established lyricist.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Offset sheds a light on where he thinks rap is headed. He believes that the club rap is going out of style and fans are looking for more content.

“I wanted to control the content, because I feel like content music is coming back around,” said Offset during the interview. “All the swag and all that, that’s finna go out the door.”

Although Offset planned to deliver an album with a story, he was still able to cater to fans still looking for a classic Migos club banger. Tracks like “Lick,” “Wild Wild West,” “Legacy,” and “Clout” bring that trap and club vibe fans have grown to love. The lyrics, beats and ad-libs on these tracks came with fire from the Atlanta based rapper. He proved he is a master of his craft and will continue to perfect it.

On tracks like “North Star,” “Don’t Lose Me,” “Red Room” and “Came a Long Way” Offset delivers the content, telling his story. He touches on his upbringing, his battle with the legal system, and a near death car crash. Offset also discusses his relationship with Cardi B, starting with “Don’t Lose Me” that features a recording from his Instagram video apology during their rough patch.

The production on the album was exclusively done by Metro Boomin and Southside of 808 Mafia. The producing heavyweights brought dark heavy synths, which was perfectly in sync with the theme and a mixture of drums that slapped. Being able to recruit two of the most respected producers in the game shows the credibility Offset has when it comes to his place in hip hop.

When it’s all said and done, this album was definitely worth the wait. Being known for his criminal past, it was compelling to see a side of Offset we have never seen before. It was inspiring to hear about how far he has come as an artist and as a person. Father of 4 might as well be a classic, but only time will tell.


Classic Tracks – “Father of 4,” “Lick,” “Wild Wild West,” “Legacy,” “Clout” and Red Room

Ehh – “Tats on My Face,” “After Dark,” “Don’t Lose Me” and “On Fleek”

Listen to Offset’s Father of 4 below. 

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