Welcome to the Eccentric World of Peter Gewerz

By Joseph Massaro: On a bright afternoon, Peter Gewerz, aka "Pierre Larue," 71, reflects on his life while sitting at his kitchen table wearing his unique gold-painted boots, sporting a typical bandanna with a peacock feather sticking out, and an aged denim jacket with the biblical verse: "Before Abraham was, I AM," patched on his... Continue Reading →

Assessing the Town of Sweden’s Water Quality

By Joseph Massaro, Nate Mundt & Bridgette Babb: In the last century, humanity has experienced numerous technological breakthroughs.The discovery of antibiotics, the creation of the internet and the harnessing of nuclear power are just a couple examples. Because of these complex advancements, it makes sense to believe that simple things, such as public water, have... Continue Reading →

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