Star Quarterback to Leave Brockport

By Matthew Lauster:


After accounting for almost 10,000 passing yards and scoring 99 total touchdowns, one of the greatest tenures in recent years for The College at Brockport football program has come to an abrupt end. Star quarterback Joe Germinerio has decided to transfer schools following the 2018 season.

With Germinerio starting the past two seasons, the Golden Eagles bolstered one of the highest powered offenses in Division III football. In 2017, the Golden Eagles improved to a top 50 offense in the country. In 2018, Brockport finished ninth in the entire country in terms of total offense. With Germinerio leading the huddle, he took them to back-to-back undefeated regular seasons and a run to the national semifinals in 2017. Germinerio was awarded the 2018 Empire 8 Offensive Player of the Year, along with numerous Division III Player of the Week awards.

Anyone attending Brockport football games can see how Germinerio was a dynamic force on the field however, the impact that Germinerio had on the team was seen off of the field as well. Whether it be on the sideline or during practice players have noticed Germinerio’s lead-ership skills. Dustin Moyle, the starting kicker noticed how he was always able to help other teammates in practices.

“In the weight room he was always pushing to be better and bring other guys to try to push to be better than him,” Moyle said.

The loss of the starting quarterback who was a leader on and off the field can influence expectations for both the fans and players. The coaching staff, however, has not wavered in its message to the players about what they can accomplish despite the loss of Germinerio, according to backup quarterback Jason Hellwig.

“The coaches have been preaching championship,” said Hellwig. And with that, preach-ing championship attitude, effort and mentality.”

When asked to comment for this story, Germinerio only had positive things to say about his former coaches and teammates.

“I first off would want to thank Coach Mangone for taking a shot on me and for all he’s done for me in my three years at this great school and program,” Germinerio said, and a big thank you to all the coaches who I’ve built great relationships with throughout the years and they know who they are,” Germinerio said. “I’m thankful for the time and effort they put in to try to put us in the best possible situation to be successful.”

Germinerio said he’s also thankful to the parents, teammates and other people’s he’s met over the last three years. “It truly, I mean truly, has been an incredible and amazing experience I’ll never forget. The positive effect and joy they’ve given me is something I’ll never take for granted. And I just hope my attitude, effort and personality I brought daily had half the same af-fect on them as it did me.”

The Golden Eagles’ 2018 season had a disappointing ending with a second round upset to Renesslaer Polytechnic Institute. However the team has a positive mindset heading into the 2019 season.

“They’ve also made it a point that it’s time for the younger guys to step in and fill the roles of the graduating seniors. The coaches like to call it ‘Reloading,’ because they know the

talent of the players already on the roster and guys coming in are ready to step up,” Hellwig added.

Moyle, has also noticed how well the coaching staff has handled Germinierio’s untimely departure saying that the offense will still have a similar feel to it.

“I don’t really think the offense is going to change too much.” Moyle explained. “I think Coach Mangone has done a great job of having some depth at quarterback and pretty much every other position so I think whoever steps up to run the quarterback position we will be alright,” Moyle said.

Even though Germinerio was a huge part of the team’s success, the confidence that the team has going forward despite the loss is justified. Brockport will see most of the team return-ing after another undefeated regular season. The team will see a healthy mixture of upper and un-der classman. The new class of freshman that has both the players and coaches excited to hit the field. Most of those recruits and returning players are going to be seen on the defensive end. The Brockport Football Program had the second rated total defense in all of Division Three last year. Even though the team has a question mark at the most important position, the Golden Eagles are locked and loaded at all the other positions.

“I don’t think there is a change in morale,” Moyle said. “I think we are all just looking to step up,” Moyle added.

Having depth that the whole team can rely on comes from great recruiting. The coaching staff has made it their mission to get the best talent. That is what has given the team so much confidence. The tremendous success that the Brockport Football Program has achieved the past two seasons has led to more notoriety for recruits in the region at the Division Three level. The Golden Eagles’ success on the field has helped the team secure funding for an upgrade to the

football facilities. According to Hellwig, these have all been factors when it comes to Brockport having yet another successful recruiting season.

“Recruiting has gone incredibly well,” Hellwig said. “With the facilities we have here at the college and the coaches and players already here. High school kids are super excited to get out here and checkout Brockport. We’ve got a ton of great commitments already from big time high school players from all over the country. Kids who want a great chance to compete for championships and play with the best players are the ones we want here and recently we’ve been getting a lot of them,” Hellwig added.

When asked to comment for this story, Germinerio only had positive things to say about his former coaches and teammates.

After a tremendous run, the Brockport football program faces an uncertain future. Despite the big loss the team still has big goals to compete for a National Championship.

As he leaves, Germinerio said he wishes everyone the best.

“Best of luck to my former teammates not just this season, but best of luck in life after football for whatever their future endeavors might hold,” Germinerio said. “Lastly, the memories made and relationships I’ve built here will last a lifetime. This place will always be special for so many different reasons.”

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