Stoneyard Brewing Company’s Brewpub Renovations to come to a halt

By Alexander Ulatowski:

 A view of the vacant Stoneyard Brewing Co. Brewpub, taken by Alexander Ulatowski.

When peering through the windows of the Stoneyard Brewing Co., there are barstools and tables in the dining room, left in their same spots since it shut its doors for planned renovations. From a packed parking lot on the weekends, to a vacant one used for overflow parking at Red Jug Pub, Stoneyard Brewing Co.’s brewpub sits as if the property hadn’t been touched in years. 

In the Village of Brockport, Stoneyard Brewing Co. is one of many local businesses that can be found along the Erie Canal. Originally established at 1 Main St. S in Brockport, NY, Stoneyard Brewing Co., moved from a 5,000 sq. foot location to its new 20,000 sq. foot location at 48 Merchant St. in July 2018.  

Local patrons and visitors to Brockport would flock to Stoneyard Brewing Co. for its staple craft brews, such as Ellsworth IPA and Everyman IPA. 

After being open for six months, Stoneyard Brewing Co. announced via Facebook on December 20, 2018 that it was shutting down for a couple of weeks for renovations. The renovations to the 30barrel brew house production facility include adding its original 2.5barrel system to the pub, which will allow for R&D, new pilot batches, and beers special.” The brewery also announced that it would be updating its kitchen and menus.  

The Stoneyard Brewing Co. was unable to be contacted to give a comment. Many people have had problems contacting the company via phone or Facebook.  

The company’s website shows a popup banner that states “The Brewpub will be temporarily closed for a few weeks while we update our kitchen & menu. The Stoneyard Breakfast Co. will remain open & we are still in production at the brewery.” 

Patrons like Robert Pollard of Medina, NY have been visiting the establishment disappointed to see the brewpub with its doors still locked. Pollard has been coming to Stoneyard Brewing Co. since last July.

“Last I knew they had closed down for renovations and I know they have finally expanded their brewing operation and everything and I have seen them post on Facebook recently as late February but as far as I know I haven’t heard anything as to pertain to reopening” Pollard said. 

Pollard was surprised to learn that the recent government shutdown could have had an effect on the brewing company and why the establishment hasn’t forgone any renovations yet. 

“Even with the government back up, I have talked to other people that there is still a quo of things. I imagine it is even worse because of the shutdown and the government entities have to play catch up to get things done so that might have something to do with it” Pollard said. 

The reason Pollard enjoys Stoneyard Brewing Co. brewpub so much is because of the beers that OZ, the owner of the brewery, produces in his brewery that people enjoy. 

“Honestly I think OZ is the best brewer around, he really is” Pollard said on OZ. “I don’t know OZ personally I just really enjoy the beer; I enjoy coming here and I don’t know him personally to comment as to what may be going on at his end” Pollard said. 

The back deck of Stoneyard Brewing Co. alongside the Erie Canal, taken by Alexander Ulatowski.

Stoneyard Brewing Co. also has a Breakfast Company that is still open to the public, serving its big cinnamon buns and breakfast food on Fridays and the weekends. Recently, Stoneyard Breakfast Company cut its days and hours of operation from being open during the weekdays to the weekends only. With Stoneyard Brewing Co.’s brewpub closing its doors for renovations, bars like Barbers, Bill Grays Tap Room and Red Jug Pub have continued to serve the patrons and college students in Brockport.

Without Stoneyard Brewing Co. posting status updates of the renovations on its Facebook pagefans of the brewery can only wait and wonder when the establishment will open to the public once again.  

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