Graduating into COVID-19

Photo by Andre Hunter for Unsplash By Caitlin Joyce Brockport Beat Editorial Board Looking outside your window everyday can get really riveting. One day you wake up, and Brockport is dusted in a sheet of snow, undisturbed in the morning hours. The next day, you wake up to a bright blue sky and soaring birds.... Continue Reading →

Islam, Not ISIS

There is a tragedy taking place within the world and it is not getting very much media coverage, therefore many people are unaware of it. There is a genocide taking place in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Experiencing EuroSim

By Siomara Germain Trying something different is sometimes scary because one does not know what to expect. They never know whether they will get a great or bad experience from trying those things. For Shane Thomas, a senior at The College at Brockport, trying something new was scary but in the end it was all... Continue Reading →

Scholar’s Day Showcases Brockport’s Students

April 12th was The College at Brockport's annual Scholar's Day. Students from Mary McCrank's featuring writing course presented their stories on life's hardships. The students showed a vulnerable side of themselves, leaving the audience with a very different perspective on life.

Hollywood Comes to Brockport II

By: Charlotte Luft James J. Goldthwait, alumnus of The College at Brockport and assistant producer, said he has a rule of threes when someone new is trying to break into the film industry. When you meet someone new, Goldthwait said to ask them to introduce you to three more people and then ask those people... Continue Reading →

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