Brockport sexual misconduct reports rising

By Shelby Toth, Aaron Snyder and Kyle Izard: Since starting as a Title IX officer at the College at Brockport four years ago, Denine Carr has seen with some of the college’s most sensitive cases cross her desk. She is in charge of following up on reports, and deals mainly with sexual misconduct. Carr also... Continue Reading →

Star Quarterback to Leave Brockport

By Matthew Lauster: After accounting for almost 10,000 passing yards and scoring 99 total touchdowns, one of the greatest tenures in recent years for The College at Brockport football program has come to an abrupt end. Star quarterback Joe Germinerio has decided to transfer schools following the 2018 season. With Germinerio starting the past two... Continue Reading →

A Blessing in Disguise

By Alexis Bott: At 19-years-old, life changed overnight for Kassy Rust. Leaving behind the familiar and adjusting to a new way of living, she began a new chapter as a mother. Her son’s father was emotionally and verbally abusive. He started going out late at night and lying about where he was. Without answering the... Continue Reading →

Three steps back, five steps forward

By Bridgette Babb: They say the things you go through shape who you become. For Shayla Smith, life changing events came in threes. Originally from Atlanta, Smith relocated to Buffalo, New York in 2012. Succeeding in high school was never an issue for the young scholar, as she was able to rack up over $40,000... Continue Reading →

Brockport’s Guide to Enlightenment

By Lexie Cutmore: Years ago, people who went to holistic shops and participated in spiritual practices were often referred to as “hippies”. In 2019 the wave of peace, love and free spirits has resurfaced once again. The demand for alternative answers has brought a small holistic shop to the Village of Brockport. Like many people... Continue Reading →

Brockport: Unpredictable Winter Months

By Alexis Bott: Along with sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice, winter also brings hazardous driving conditions. Despite the dangerous driving conditions this winter, some students say the attendance policy at the school are borderline extreme. These past few months have been tough for students at The College at Brockport. Major unpredictable weather events made going... Continue Reading →

Brockport Cats Claw Their Way to The Prize 

By Lexi Cutmore and Alaina Jonathan: Cat lovers from all over the United States gathered at the Brockport-Sweden Community Center to show their beloved furry felines. The 67th annual cat show was hosted by the ACFA or the American Cat Fanciers Association. There, household cats, purebreds and kittens competed for regional and national titles. The weekend... Continue Reading →

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