Assessing the Town of Sweden’s Water Quality

By Joseph Massaro, Nate Mundt & Bridgette Babb: In the last century, humanity has experienced numerous technological breakthroughs.The discovery of antibiotics, the creation of the internet and the harnessing of nuclear power are just a couple examples. Because of these complex advancements, it makes sense to believe that simple things, such as public water, have... Continue Reading →

Destroying negativity with Smash Therapy

By Aaron Snyder and Kyle Izard: In the movie Anger Management, Dr. Buddy Rydell, an anger management therapist played by Jack Nicholson, is quoted saying “Temper’s the one thing you can’t get rid of by losing it.” Steven Shortino, owner of Smash Therapy, highly disagrees. Smash Therapy is located at 1225 Jefferson Road in Rochester... Continue Reading →

Three steps back, five steps forward

By Bridgette Babb: They say the things you go through shape who you become. For Shayla Smith, life changing events came in threes. Originally from Atlanta, Smith relocated to Buffalo, New York in 2012. Succeeding in high school was never an issue for the young scholar, as she was able to rack up over $40,000... Continue Reading →

Brockport’s Guide to Enlightenment

By Lexie Cutmore: Years ago, people who went to holistic shops and participated in spiritual practices were often referred to as “hippies”. In 2019 the wave of peace, love and free spirits has resurfaced once again. The demand for alternative answers has brought a small holistic shop to the Village of Brockport. Like many people... Continue Reading →

Brockport Cats Claw Their Way to The Prize 

By Lexi Cutmore and Alaina Jonathan: Cat lovers from all over the United States gathered at the Brockport-Sweden Community Center to show their beloved furry felines. The 67th annual cat show was hosted by the ACFA or the American Cat Fanciers Association. There, household cats, purebreds and kittens competed for regional and national titles. The weekend... Continue Reading →

BSG Candidates Announced

by Matt Clark: After an extended election season, Josh Mathews, Zachary Kornberg and Aaron Snyder are the official BSG presidential candidates. Matthews originally dropped out of the race because his running mate, Alena Piska, had dropped out. After all the other presidential candidates dropped out, BSG created an extended campaign season to find new candidates.... Continue Reading →

Dropouts stall BSG Election

By Matt Clark On Friday March 30, all candidates for the 2018 Brockport Student Government presidential election dropped out of the race. The candidates for the race were Josh Mathews and Alena Piska, Jack Merritt and Mars Lee and Tyler Mackey and Jacob Szalapski, all running for the positions of president and vice president respectively.... Continue Reading →

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